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General FAQ's:


Our school just received the Military Friendly School® designation! How and when can we use the "Military Friendly" term and logo?

As a Military Friendly School® you are permitted limited use of the intellectual property (IP), including the Military Friendly Schools® logo and use of the term “Military Friendly®”, in association with your school. There are two main requirements to using the Military Friendly® IP. First, recipients must publish the proper trademarked term(s), “Military Friendly®” and/or “Military Friendly School®”, with the registered trademark symbol at all times. Second, recipients may only use the complimentary IP license for a one-year term, defined as September through August. For example, schools earning the designation for this year will receive a complimentary IP license for September 2014-August 2015. Schools must be re-evaluated each year through our free survey assessment.


How do I get started and obtain a link for the survey assessment?
Please visit our Victory Media site for more information on the assessment and contact us for obtaining a link to the live survey assessment.

How are these different from other "Military" lists?
Our Military Friendly® lists are determined mathematically from data-driven survey submissions consisting of over 100 questions, compiled with assistance from our independent advisory boards. No essays are required; therefore no subjective opinions are taken into consideration. There is no cost to participate in the survey or have resulting information published. Advertising in any Victory Media publication is not evaluated as part of the survey, nor a factor in earning the Military Friendly ® designation. 

Is there a fee for participating in the Military Friendly® lists? Are the lists "pay to play"?
There is no fee for participating in our Military Friendly ® lists or the publication of resulting survey information.  Advertising in any Victory media publication is not evaluated as part of the assessment process, nor a factor in qualifying for the Military Friendly ® designation.  For more information on how the lists are derived, see the methodology section of our site.  Institutions who qualify for the Military Friendly ®  designation are published at no cost to the institution.  Memberships in Military Friendly ® are available for institutions who desire to leverage our solutions for modeling their military programs after leading practices.

We've earned this year's Military Friendly® designation. What do we recieve with it?
Congratulations on earning the Military Friendly® designation! As part of our complimentary survey assessment and related services, we offer awardees the ability to use the flat (vector-style) "Military Friendly" logo (e.g., Military Friendly Schools® for educational institutions) for a period of one year. Additionally, Military Friendly recipients are published online by Military Friendly® and in our annual print guide. These benefits are available at no cost to all awardees.

Why is Military Friendly® structured around a Membership model?
The 2015 assessment period, which is now open, commences our new Military Friendly ® Schools "membership" model. We enacted this new program in response to inquiries from schools seeking aditional ways to better leverage their EARNED Military Friendly designation as an ELITE solution for sourcing military students. Additionally, we received a large volume of requests regarding how to best use the survey assessment tool as a measuring stick in order to better schools' military programs and policies. 

Our membership model is in line with other best practices within the ratings industry including U.S. News and World Reports as well as J.D. Power and Associates. Under the new "membership" model we provide qualifying schools with new solutions to help your school attract quality students, comply with federal initiatives and develop your military program. We will also offer program development tools to guide the structure of your military programs and policies.
Membership starts with the baseline survey assessment, so just like a years past, the first step towards becoming a Member of Military Friendly ® is to take our no-cost assessment.

Who can become a Member of Military Friendly®?
Any institution desiring to accurately assess their military programs and set an objective path to  their ability to attract and retain military candidates can join as a Member of Military Friendly ®.  Members have exclusive access to solutions such as enhanced reporting and digital, print and social marketing channels.  For more information on Membership please contact us.

Does becoming a Member automatically entitle a school or employer to the Military Friendly ® designation and intellectual property usage?
Usage of the Military Friendly ® logo or any form of intellectual property is strictly limited to institutions who have earned the designation via a final score within our data-driven assessment survey. Membership in Military Friendly ® is not considered as a criteria within the survey assessment and has no impact within the assessment process. Most schools and employers do not earn the Military Friendly ® designation on their first attempt. Membership provides schools and employers the tools needed to understand where their programs are leading and lagging best practices, thus strengthening their offerings to the military community. For more information on the complimentary assessment and Membership please contact us.

How often can a school or employer be assessed (or reassessed) for the Military Friendly ® designation?
Victory Media offers schools and employers one complimentary assessment on an annual basis (one timer per year). Member institutions have the option to be reassessed two additional times throughout the year based on feedback and changes to their programs in reflection of our exclusive enhanced reporting and training tools. For more information on our complimentary assessment and Membership options please contact us.

Does Victory Media own the intellectual property for the term “Military Friendly ®”?
Victory Media is the exclusive owner of the Federally Registered Trademark, Military Friendly ®. As the owner of the intellectual property "Military Friendly ® " we have posted a statement with further information.

What Military Friendly ® lists does Victory Media produce?
2014-2015 is our eleventh year producing the Military Friendly Employers® list and our sixth producing the Military Friendly Schools® lists. In the past we have also published similar data-driven lists for Military Friendly Franchises® and Military Friendly Cities.

How are the assessment surveys distributed and submitted?
Key personnel at over 15,000 companies and schools are surveyed annually on our secure, web-based, research suite via proprietary PIN code and assessment link.

How does the grading of survey responses (assessment) work?
Our Military Friendly ® lists are determined mathematically by a state of the art web-based research suite, powered by Qualtrics. There is no “human-in-the-loop” during the assessment submission and grading process, meaning the survey results are submitted by participants and adjudicated by the technology platform without input from Victory Media. Survey results and scoring is fully automated based on the data-driven survey submissions and methodology designed and overseen by our independent advisory boards.

Who is eligible to compete for the Military Friendly ® designation and make these lists?
Each year thousands of employers and schools compete for the opportunity to earn the “Military Friendly” ® designation. Please contact us to let speak with a team member about receiving your free assessment survey.

How do I provide recommendations for questions that should be considered for incorporation into the next version of the survey?
Please contact us to let us know what factors and characteristics you feel should be considered for potential inclusion in the survey assessment.

How do I get a copy of the publication in which a Military Friendly® list was featured?
For editions of G.I. Jobs, Military Spouse magazine and the Guide to Military Friendly Schools® contact us and a team member will respond shortly.

Has Victory Media been endorsed by or partnered with any governmental or non-profit organizations?
We are a believer in the strength of public-private partnerships and have worked closely with several government and non-profit organizations to further employment and education outcomes for veterans. These include participation with the Department of Labor’s VETS (Veterans Employment and Training Services) committee and ongoing activities with both Hire Heroes USA and the Student Veterans of America, both registered 501c3 veterans service organizations.

Military Friendly Schools ® FAQs:

Where can I find more information about membership in Military Friendly ®?
Please see the military Friendly ® micro site on our

What’s included within the Member solutions packages for schools?
Our Membership packages are comprehensive solutions to help schools attract prospective military students and enhance their programs based on leading practices. Please see the Membership section of our site.

What do you mean by 'training seats?

Training “seats” refers to two training spots for each session. That is, your institution can send two representatives to each training session we hold. Depending on the session topic, which we’ll announce in advance, you may decide to send different individuals/stakeholders on campus. For example, a session like “Leading Practices to Attract and Retain Military Students” would be a great fit for Veterans Counselors and your Marketing department representatives. However, a later training session on a topic like “Resources to Promote Positive Career Outcomes” would align with Student Success staff and Career Services. We have additional training seats available to purchase “a-la-carte” as an add-on to Member packages if that is needed.  

All training this year will be held virtually as online events/webinars. Each session will be hosted by a Victory Media representative, and presented by industry leaders and/or subject matter experts from our staff.

What is the value, or ROI, for my school becoming a member?

We have years of empirical data based on schools using our solutions. Please visit our metrics page and see the first-hand results our schools receive. Additionally we continuously receive raving reviews and testimonials from current Members, influencers and prospective military students.

What Program Development and Training tools do Member schools receive?
When you join Military Friendly® as a Member, you’ll receive a suite of tools to assess and develop your programs to attract and serve military students, beginning with our scorecard and benchmarking reports and including training courses on leading practices.

Will qualifying schools appear in the publication of Military Friendly ® Schools without a paid membership?
Institutions who qualify for the Military Friendly ® designation are published at no cost to the institution.

Military Friendly Employers ® FAQs:

How do I get started and obtain a link for the 2014-2015 survey assessment?
Please visit our Victory Media site for more information on the assessment and contact us for obtaining a link to the live survey assessment.



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