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Military Friendly® is the bridge between the military and civilian worlds,
a place where America and its veterans engage in a sustainable, meaningful way.

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Why Military Friendly®?

Easiest. Answer. Ever. Because the Military Friendly® designation creates better outcomes for veterans. By setting a standard, then promoting it, we provide positive reinforcement for American organizations to invest in programs that improve the lives of veterans. That’s good for veterans, good for the organizations and good for America.

What does Military Friendly® mean?

Military Friendly® is the standard that measures an organization’s commitment, effort and success in creating sustainable and meaningful benefit for the military community. Now, let’s unpack that. Because every word of that definition was purposefully chosen.

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Our 2017 Military Friendly® Employers are organizations with the strongest commitment, effort and success in hiring and retaining veterans.

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Over 1,200 schools earned the 2017 Military Friendly® designation for their commitment, effort and success in attracting and supporting military students.

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